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I'll try to keep this up-to-date with any known problems, or frequent issues people have. If your question is not answered here, please endeavour to contact me.

It would be great if TruckerTimer did ....
If you have a feature request, I'd be only too happy to hear about it. Please get in contact via the contact page. Be aware that I have many features already planned that I want to get released, so it may take a while to get to the one you want in particular.
Is TruckerTimer available in my language?
TruckerTimer is officially supported in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and German. These languages are kept up-to-date by professional translators, but if there are any issues let me know and I'll see them corrected. All other languages are provided by users, and may be incomplete or incorrect. Again, I'd love to get any corrections or help, but cannot afford professional translators for all languages (yet). If you want TruckerTimer in your own language, I would be more than happy to help but would need you to do the main bulk of translation.
Why does the WTD continuous counter clear after a 15 minute break instead of 30 minutes?
The WTD rule for continuous work states that only 15 minutes is required within any 6 hour period of continuous work. This is often extended by drivers to 30 minutes, as 30 minutes is required before 9 hours of total shift time is reached, and it's easier just to get it all out of the way. TruckerTimer takes a more strict approach, requiring only 15 minutes to clear the 6 hours continual work limit and 30 minutes to clear the 9 hour shift time limit.
How come logging not stopping and starting automatically with my movement?
First, ensure that GPS integration is enabled in the application settings. You can also fine-tune a little here to try and match your driving as best as possible. Unfortunately, GPS is can be unreliable, especially in built-up areas. It will not be able to maintain perfect synchronization with your tacho, even in the best case. Consider GPS as the best a phone can do, but that you still need to manually check and correct any errors it makes.

If you want to do more specific test, try any free speedometer app from the App Store. This will show exactly the speed the GPS is detecting at any given time, and is what TruckerTimer will be seeing also.
How do I stop for a daily or weekly rest?
Finishing your shift is performed by pressing the shift time toolbar button up the top right on the driving tab. This has a flashing red circle on iPhone.
Where is the log sharing function on iPhone?
You can get access to your logs in spreadsheet format by plugin into iTunes. Whenever you quit TruckerTimer it writes the last 100 log entries to a spreadsheet, which is then made available in iTunes. See here for more information.
How does ferry onloading and offloading work?
Instead of pressing a dedicated ferry button, TruckerTimer will detect legal ferry loading and offloading on it's own. This means that if you interrupt a daily or weekly rest period by one or two periods of Driving or Other Work that total less than 60 minutes, they will automatically be marked as "ferry" periods and not count towards your daily driving limits.

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